• Helping you & Sharing Technology, Become better acquainted

    We are buit by enterpreneurs for enterpreneurs and operating executives

  • Not just research

    As well as insight and analysis based on research, we provide practical advice and assistance to help you develop successful products

  • Ceramics Technology consultancy for agile development

    We will provide you with rapid user insights that prevent costly mistakes as you develop your new products & services

  • It's not only about the consumer

    We’ll ensure your products and services meet your organisational goals as well as being focused on the consumer



Valuable Services; clear advice; practical help

  • Technical Supports

    We offer technical and engineering solutions for new plant installation and existing plant refurbishment, customized for individual client requirements.

  • Solutions, not problems

    Our research may uncover problems. But we don’t stop there. We’ll provide you with solutions. And we’ll carry on working with you to implement those solutions.

  • Rapid results in a changing world

    We have tools and techniques that allow us to deliver robust insights and practical advice in a matter of days.


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What’s on our minds

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You can email us at info@acecone.com or call us on +91 (0)151 2206840

What we do ?

We are offering wide range of ceramic technologies & consultancy

We can help you…

  • Technical Solution

    We offer process auditing, troubleshooting, turn key projects, quality & standards certification, product development and R&D work. Our business is about technology, yes. But it's also about operations and customer relationships. We give the services like technical solutions, management, IT services and marketing survey. 

  • Management Services

    Management services

    Management are a strong part of our services; we give you a platform where we can improve more your management skills, in which we provide management auditing and training deployment. We will provide training about all technical issues in ceramic field and management skills with certification.

  • Marketing & IT

    Marketing & IT Services

    These are also part of our services where we offer you a complete detail analysis of market in the field of ceramic products, raw materials and ceramic machinery etc. We’ll work with you to visualise your new products and services and ensure that consumers will be able to interact with them in a way that works for you and for them

Our services

As for services and management organization, we understand our customer’s requirement. We offer ceramics services for all small and large scale industries in India as well as in other countries. We deal with our clients to fulfill all their requirements in a very smart and innovative way. Our way to solve problems is not only providing solutions, we are here to remove the problems giving a best market value in the field of ceramics.

Using our well established and respected in-house expertise, we provide a comprehensive, sophisticated and managed service that is available to corporates across a wide spectrum- including producers traders manufacturers, importers and exporters.

  • We offer a wide range of consultancy, research and design services.
  • We also use quantitative techniques such as surveys, online communities, web and social media analytics.
  • And we use techniques based on our knowledge of best practice such as expert review, benchmarking and secondary research.

"We assure you for giving best services and proudly say we care."

See our facilities in Central Bikaner Just Near Junagarh

It's simple. We help you make better Business decisions

  • High qualified Team of Engineers

    Our consultants all have relevant Ceramic degrees and High qualified Engineers. But first and foremost they are business people, experienced in solving business problems, and in providing pragmatic advice in clear, simple language

  • Independent

    We’re not aligned to any organisation so you can be sure that you'll receive impartial testing, analysis and consultancy - a must if you need to conform to legislation, control quality and support product marketing claims. So we give you our opinions truthfully, without any hidden agendas

  • Established and experienced

    We’ve been around since 1965. In that time we have built up a huge knowledge base. Work with us and you’ll work with some of the most experienced people in the industry

Why should you choose AceCone? 

Confidentiality -Everything we do with you is completely confidential. 

Quality - You can trust the quality of the services

Added value - We price all of our services competitively, providing cost-effective solutions

Expertise - We pride ourselves on the materials experts and scientists that work at AceCone.

Technology -Constantly evolving, we make sure that we keep up-to-date with the latest technology.

Innovative - We are always pushing to be at the forefront of the leading technologies,


We work with large & small clients on all Technical platforms

Proven success


  • We work with materials, machinery, testing & analysis,energy auditing ceramics processing techniques, quality control, marketing & management, communications, supply branding and packaging.
  • We work with websites, information related plateforms
  • We work with new generation of ceramic engineers for design & development of new products processes and applications.
  • Whatever interactive advancement you want to explore in your industry setup, we can help you evaluate and develop it.

Industry sectors

  • We have experience of most industry sectors including ceramic manucturing,research & development activities processing marketing, manufacturing, services, and public sector.
  • We work for market frontier and research teams, marketing and strategy departments.
  • We manage projects in Bikaner, across the whole of the India or if required in markets around the world.

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The India's leading Ceramics Consultancy

  • team

    Our people

    Some 10 people work at AceCone Ceramics. We only recruit outstanding consultants who can make a real difference to our clients, people who are visionary, practical and very bright.

  • company

    Our company

    We are a privately owned company with a firm belief that it is only by providing excellent service and unbiassed, practical advice that we will succeed and grow.

  • office

    Our offices

    We have offices in an elegant building right in the heart of Bikaner a few minutes stroll from Govt Press Rd., Collectrate and the Junagarh Fort.

We are looking for


We are looking for user centred Ceramics professionals who have ten or more years experence in the industry. Great clients, interesting projects and an inspiring team are looking forward to working with you.

Apply as Consultant (PDF)

Principal Consultants

It’s a busy time at Partners and we’re looking for an outstanding person to join our team of Principal Consultants. If you have buckets of experience as a Ceramics industry practitioner (both research and design experience), and a track record developing client accounts and managing complex projects, then you may want to read on.

Apply as (P)Consultant (PDF)


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AceCone Ceramics Private Limited
D11,1st Floor, Govt. Press Road, Opposite SBBJ Bank Near Junagarh,
Bikaner - 334001,
Rajasthan, INDIA

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Careers with AceCone Ceramics

We’re always on the look out for talented consultants to join us.

If you are interested in a great career in a small, friendly and highly professional company, that places continuous professional development at its core, then please get in touch.

Want to help with research?

Participating in our research projects is interesting and fun. And it even pays a little.

So if you have a bit of free time then why not get in touch and see if you are suitable for one of our projects or panels?

Want to Take Training?

We take pride in being able to offer one of a kind Training Services in India. We are the only qualified consultancy offering Manufacturing Practices training for Operators.